FlexyFoot Walking Stick and Crutch Ferrell - 22mm

FlexyFoot Walking Stick and Crutch Ferrell - 22mm

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The Flexyfoot goes on the bottom of a walking stick, crutch or cane. Some people call them rubber tips, rubber stoppers, cane tips, stick tips or ferrules. Whatever you call them, they are there to help the walking stick grip when it is in contact with the ground.

  • Reduce the jarring involved when placing the walking stick on the ground by absorbing the impact and thereby improving comfort and reducing soreness in the hands and wrists
  • Improve the grip and, therefore, the stability of the walking stick, especially on uneven surfaces and when using it in the rain (i.e. slippery surfaces)
  • Enable easy attachment and detachment of the ferrule to/from the walking stick itself (so it doesn't need to be cut off with a knife!)

Size: 22mm

Choosing the correct size: Measure the diameter (in millimetres) of your walking aid

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